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Acquisition of shareholding from AGRIA GROUP HOLDING AD

On 31th of January 2024 Agria Group Holding AD has concluded a contract for the acquisition in the procedure provided for by the legislation (through a contract for the transfer of company shares with notarized signatures and content under Article 129 of the Commercial Law) of the ownership of 100% of the shares of the capital of the trading company Komers EOOD, developing activity in the field of agribusiness, through the production of and trade in grain and oilseed crops in the area of Northeast Bulgaria, coincident with the scope of territory in which the holding companies develop their commercial activity.

The expected positive effects from the acquisition of Komers EOOD’s capital shares are directed in strengthening the market presence of Agria Group Holding AD in regard with the main areas of the holding’s activity, namely: trade and export, by securing of grains as raw material for the internal and foreign trade activity. The expansion of the grains trade activity favors as well the supply of the main raw material for the processing line in the holding’s activity (processing of oilseeds and other grain crops) for the production of crude and refined sunflower seed oil and of ethanol. The transaction supports the implementation of part of the holding’s investment program in the direction of increase of the own and leased agricultural land in the areas, where the holding’s agribusiness subsidiaries cultivate agricultural lands, in line with the long-term development strategy.

 Combining the business potential of Agria Group Holding AD and Komers EOOD, would represent a sustainable foundation for future successful growth of the business lines developed by the company, would lead to a long-term security and sustainability of the company business model, improving regularity of the cash flow and adding value at a group level.

There are no related and/or interested parties involved in the transaction. The transaction does not fall within the scope of Article 114(1) of the Securities Act, as this type of transaction, in accordance with the scope of activity of Agria Group Holding AD, in line with the provision of Article 114(10) of the Securities Act, is in the ordinary commercial activity, representing the sum of actions and transactions performed by the company within the scope of its business activity and in accordance with the ordinary commercial practice.

The ownership transfer of the capital shares of Komers EOOD is about to be entered in the Commercial register at the Registry agency. The shares are transferred to Agria Group Holding AD free of any third party liabilities, encumbrances, rights and claims, together with all rights arising from or related to them.