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Corporate social responsibility

The Company follows a consistent policy of Social Corporate Responsibility. Agria Group Holding AD is a public company and its social responsibility finds expression in all aspects of its corporate activities. The management of Agria Group Holding prioritizes environmental protection and people’s health in its corporate policy through its products, services and working conditions; Agria’s social engagements in its capacity of employer toward workers and employees; safe and healthy working conditions; environmental policy. Agria’s high management is engaged in encouraging responsible business standards and practices for public social responsibility regarding the environmental and employee policies.

The company makes a regular assessment of how its activities influence the environment and strictly observes the requirements and regulations for protecting the environment, health and safety of the employees and the society when producing grains.


Environment protection

The company develops practices referring to soil nutrition and production of grains adapted to the specifications of the types of soil.

When using pesticides, the following principles and rules are followed:

  • Use of pesticides’ alternatives; use of selective pesticides which keep biodiversity and fight particular pests in certain timeframes taking into account the life and development of different species; harvest of alternative crops resistant to pests; crop rotations; mechanic weed control.
  • Staff education in using pesticides, observing the quantities recommended by the producers. Pesticides declared by World Health Organization as dangerous are not used.
  • Storage in original packages in cool and dry places with active ventilation, which can be isolated and marked with appropriate signs. Mixing and moving pesticide can only be performed by educated staff in places with good lightening and ventilation wearing protective clothing. The access to the premises where the pesticides are stored is restricted.


Assessment of the necessity of crop nutrition, balanced utilization of food substances, rotation sowing of crops, plowing organic waste in the soil; providing buffer zones around the water sources in order to diminish the loss of food substances is made.

In order to prevent loss of genetic resources and in view of keeping biodiversity, plant waste of previous crops is used for fertilization and soil preparation; eco-systems are preserved; certified seeds are used.

The grain harvesting machinery is equipped with devices for even dispersion of the crop residues which are plowed into the soil and thus recover part of the nutrients in the soil.

Burning of crop residues is not performed, use of nitrates is reduced.

Health and safety of the staff

The company follows a consistent policy in order to minimize the risks of:

  • Physical danger – through qualified and experienced staff to operate the machinery and motor vehicles.
  • Work in closed spaces – silos, water basins etc. The access to these is restricted and is allowed under the supervision of educated staff.
  • Chemical danger in case of contact with pesticides – the staff is trained to work with pesticides; hygiene and safety practices are followed.
  • Fire and explosions risks – precautions are taken to minimize the risk of fire in the grain storages through working with modern and high-quality production facilities and qualified and experienced staff.