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The capital of the Company amounts at BGN 6,800,000. /six million and eight hundred thousand leva/, distributed in 6,800,000 /six million and eight hundred thousand/ registered, dematerialized, voting shares with par value of BGN 1 /one/ each. The subscribed capital of the Company is fully paid in and is entered into the Commercial Register administered by the Registry Agency.

Shareholding structure

Name of the shareholder

Number of shares held

Percentage of capital

Emra EOOD, Varna  2 795 500  41.11%
Komers EOOD, Targovishte 1 855 639  27.29%
Svetlomir Iliev Todorov 697 355 10.26%
Other natural and legal persons  1 401 506  20.61%



The shares in the Company shall be ordinary, registered, dematerialized, freely transferable conferring the right to 1 (one) vote in the General Meeting of Shareholders, they shall confer the same rights to their holders and shall be of one class.
The shares in the Company shall be indivisible. When a share is held by several persons, they shall exercise their rights associated with it together and they shall designate a representative. The power of attorney must be in writing with notarial certification of the signature.
The Company may issue additional preference shares providing a guaranteed or additional dividend, preference shares with a repurchase option or other privileges permitted by law. The Company shall not have the right to issue preference shares conferring the right to more than one vote or an additional liquidation share.

Issuance and disposal of shares

The shares shall be issued under the terms and procedure for the issuance of dematerialized securities provided for in the existing legislation and shall be registered with Central Depository AD. The Company shall register all of its shares with Central Depository AD, whose register maintains the names of the holders of dematerialized shares and where the book of shareholders is kept, listing the names and addresses of the holders of dematerialized shares, the par and issue value, the count and number of the shares.
Disposal of the dematerialized securities issued by the Company shall be made freely in accordance with the will of their holders without limitations or conditions and in keeping with the requirements for the terms and procedure for transactions in dematerialized securities provided for in the existing legislation.

Trading in shares issued by the Company may be carried out only on a regulated securities market, in keeping with the requirements of the Public Offering of Securities Act, the Rules of BSE-Sofia AD and the other applicable legislative documents.

The shares of the Company are listed for trading on the Unofficial Share Market of Bulgarian Stock Exchange-Sofia AD. Issuance of shares of Agria Group Holding meets the criteria for being traded on the Unofficial Share Market segment - minimum 5 deals monthly and minimum turnover per month that accounts to BGN 4000. The stock exchange ticker symbol attached is AGR. Currently the shares in the Company traded freely on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange /freefloat/ are 26.25% of the capital of the Company.

/Current trading data – link to BSE/

Shareholder rights

Every share shall confer the right to one vote in the General Meeting of Shareholders in the Company, right to dividend in the distribution of the profit and right to a liquidation share in the event of winding up the Company and liquidation of its property in proportion to its nominal value and the ratio of the share to the overall capital. The right to vote in the General Meeting of the Company shall come into being with the full payment of the issuing value of every share and after the entry of the increase in its capital into the Company Register.
Each share shall also confer the following additional rights: right of every shareholder to acquire shares in the event of a capital increase which are proportionate to their share in the capital before the increase; right of every shareholder to take part in the management, to elect and be elected to the management bodies; right to information; right to appeal before court any decisions of the General Meeting which are contradictory to the law or the Articles of Association of the Company.